The smart way to multi-extrusion

Mark2 is an asymmetrical multi-extrusion upgrade for the Ultimaker, based on Foehnsturm's magnetic tool changer. It offers some unique features compared to conventional approaches.

It's free!

Get a second drive train (feeder, hotend) and go ahead!

No conversion

Seriously? Yes! Just add a few parts. Mounted within two hours.

Tried and tested

No special components. Maintenance, nozzle change - as easy as before.

Smart firmware

Calibration wizards, micro tuning on-the-fly, automated temperature management, ...

Using Z-offset

Managed by firmware, no scratching, no oozing, no painful z-adjustment.

Open and scalable

Not owning an Ultimaker, need more than 2 heads? Let's fork another project!


Ok, but what's the secret?

Mark2 is an Ultimaker community project, initiated by foehnsturm (alias wokbrenner on youtube). Got some time and want to know the full story? Skim through the huge "A different multi-extrusion approach" thread, where all started (1200+ posts ...).

The magnetic tool changer has been developed and optimized for over 2 years now and proved it's reliability and printing quality with more than 10.000 hrs of printing (corresponding to some 2.000.000 tool changes).

Everything is published on Github. Your additional investment, besides a second drive train? Not more than €/$ 50 and one day of labour. Sounds good, doesn't it?

How it started

Heavy and bulky printhead produce a lot of problems. So let's do like CNC has been doing it for ages.

A different multi-extrusion approach

It's all about magnets

We're using a simple but perfectly working interpretation of a kinematic coupling.

Keep it small and simple

Printheads with just one single extrusion hotend are lighter, smaller and easier to maintenance.


Total Freedom, want to attach a laser, a pen ...?

And as soon as we've identified a suitable replacement board with 3+ stepper drivers, we'll be going for Mark3.

Real multi-material

One nozzle for each material, no purging, no unwanted material mixing

On par with commercial solutions

... or even better ;)


Use all the different nozzle sizes and types available, even different hotends or filament diameters.

Building Mark2

Let's get started! 8 hrs of printing and some 2 hrs of assembling and you can run your first dual prints.

The magnetic tool changer on youtube

Mark2 and its predecessors, more stuff to come soon.

The community, discussion about, more pictures

The best place to talk about the Ultimaker Mark2: Ultimaker community